Thursday, February 08, 2007

Can't Believe We Haven't Updated For So Long

It's very hard to believe all that time passed and we never bothered to update the blog. Horrible! The fact that we've been pretty busy is not a good excuse. We will try to be more consistent posting new stuff here.

We'll try to give you a brief overview of what's been accomplished so far. We are constantly working on improving the quality of iAuto and iRealty. We are improving our internal development processes: work flow management, project and task planning, coding, testing, and control.

We have made substantial product improvements that will appear in the new version of the software to make iAuto and iRealty more reliable, robust, flexible and smart. We've also added several smaller features that improve the overall functionality of the software and make it more usable and powerful.

Our iAuto/iRealty community is growing, and the forum is slowly becoming a focal point where information about updates, fixes, tweaks and bugs is gathered and made available to those who need it.

We've been engaged in several bigger projects where iAuto/iRealty were used as the platform for custom solutions and even developed a totally independent solution from scratch. We will announce one of the projects shortly when it goes live with the permission of the owners.

This should be it for now, we'll be keeping you informed as we go along.

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Anonymous said...

so the current version how reliable is it?