Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Returning to Blogging

Hi everybody!

We've been pretty lousy at blogging over the last half a year. Some of our readers may think that our product is dead or forgotten, and this cannot be further from truth.

In fact, we've been very busy over the last several months. We developed a new version of our product, iAuto v.4.x, that had most of its internal structure revamped and improved, templates changed and a number of new features and functions added to make our iAuto even more attractive to our customers.

We then improved it even further by adding SEO features such as SEO-friendly URLs, listing data in description and keywords meta tags, and a great Browse By... feature. You can select up to 7 database fields that you can browse by, narrowing down your results to just a few listings that match your needs closest.

For example, you can have the following Browse by search configuration: Vehicles->Cars->Honda->Acura->Between $0 and $10,000->Zip.

And, of course, we developed two new templates. A single picture is worth a 1,000 words, therefore, the best way to see how well we did is to go to our iAuto Demo page at http://www.worksforweb.com/classifieds-software/iAuto/demo/.

To go further, we decided to offer a boat classifieds version of iAuto, iAuto Boats. We've done some research and came up with the iAuto Boats demo for your attention.

Hosted version is a new addition to our versions. It offers iAuto pre-installed, hosting space with your domain and all the functions of the Cpanel at your disposal. And all that for an introductory price of $29.95 per month only.

We will try to be more consistent with posting our news and ideas to this blog, and we'll try to not limit the posts to marketing-related stuff only. Instead, we're hoping to get our product developers and programmers involved as well.

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