Friday, April 19, 2013

V.6.2.0 iAuto Auto Classifieds Script Released

Version 6.2.0 of iAuto Auto Classified Software was released. Below listed are the key new functions and improvements:
  • Credit system has become an optional addon. From now on, the admin can use a regular payment process by default, or switch to the credit system if desired. Please check the Credit System addon page for details,
  • A Basket has been introduced to allow customers to purchase multiple listings, options, and features in one transaction,
  • A Listing Reactivation option replaced the old Listing Auto Extension function. Please check an appropriate section of the User Manual for info, and
  • Minor features, enhancements and bugfixes (see the changelog for details
Test this version of the auto classified scripts by checking out our online demos:

Also you can easily download a fully-functional free trial copy of our software. Please, address to the Sales Team to get more information or suggest your ideas.

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