Wednesday, September 27, 2006

iAuto v.3.0 Is Released

Finally! It's been a challenging week for our team, but we are at the end of the release process now, prepping up for the work ahead on the new release of iAuto.

We have managed to develop and include every functionality we have originally planned to include into the release. It took a reasonably big planning, implementation and testing effort on our developer's team to come up with an extremely useful upgrade of our system, Smarty (tm)-based template management system. We realized that our existing template system was very unflexible and not very usable as far as changes and modifications to templates are concerned.

This new template management system allowed us to optimize the code while integrating it with the classifieds engine, and gave a number of new opportunities to iAuto users, including:

* the ability to easily alter the look and feel of the website
* a tool to create localized versions of the software
* the ability to easily integrate classifieds engine's functionality into the existing websites
* familiarity with Smarty templates saves time and effort for web designers in modding templates for iAuto

We've introduced a number of other changes as well, including a new WYSIWYG editor to replace the old one that didn't perform very well, and streamlined the publications section turning it into a useful . The full list of new and existing features can be found on our Features page.

Our work with our existing customers and our potential customers on adding and implementing features requested has been extremely useful. Special thanks to Mr. Joe Martin from for his highly valuable comments, suggestions and recommendations that helped make our product better. Particularly, the entry batch processing functionality and mods to the way features are shown have been implemented based on his request.

Also, we've received a number of useful comments and feedback via our web site, and all the requested features are carefully identified, evaluated, prioritized and planned to be included in the future major and minor releases of the software.

To order your copy of iAuto v.3.0 Standard ($519) or Special ($219) Edition today, please visit our Order page at

For iAuto Standard Edition owners, upgrading is extremely easy. Please contact our Sales Dept at, and we will email you the download link. For iAuto Special Edition owners, upgrading is very easy and it costs only $49.95. Here's what you need to do. To order your copy of iAuto v.3.0 Special Edition today, please follow the link below:

Order iAuto v.3.0 SE Upgrade

In any event, we've already updated our demo with the new version, and you can check it out from our Demo page.

Look forward to your comments, suggestions, ideas and feedback

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