Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Unprecedented iAuto Offer

We've been working on the new release of iAuto too hard and too long, and it seems that some damage has occurred with our brain cells. How do we know that? The answer is simple:

Who else in a sane frame of mind would offer a 30% discount on every copy of iAuto Standard or Special for the next three days, starting from 5 October 2006 and ending midnight 8 October 2006????

Yes, during the three-day period between 05 and 08 Oct 06, iAuto Standard Edition v.3.0 will cost $363, and iAuto Special Edition v.3.0 - ONLY $ 153!!!

We are dedicating this October Madness event to the new release of iAuto, and we hope that you are quick and wise enough to jump on this opportunity!!!!

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