Monday, October 09, 2006

The Halloween Sale!!!

Following a very successful v3.0 introductory sale, and having a few potential clients that have missed the sale, we've decided to give our fans and potential customers a Halloween present.

Here it is. Anyone who buys iAuto Standard or iAuto Special edition between 10 Oct and 1 Nov, is eligible for a hefty 20% discount off any purchase over $150. That includes our iAuto Standard Edition, and, of course, our iAuto Special Edition! Yes, iAuto Special Edition will cost $175.20 until 1 Nov 06, and iAuto Standard Edition will cost only $415.20. We just love giving away presents to our potential clients!

And here's a Halloween present for our current clients. Anyone who purchased an iAuto Special Edition is now eligible for FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES! Please contact our Sales Dept for additional information.

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